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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 9, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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traffic all ahead on wbz "th morning ". >> the news at 5:00 starts right now. right now at 5:00, one man arrested, another still on the run this morning, police say they tied up a freg woman inside her home, how her daughter helped save her. >> also new details on what sickened dozens of boston college students who ate at a local chipotle, plus the health violations at that restaurant. and donald trump's lead in the new hampshire polls continue to grow as other candidates respond to his man to ban muslims. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning". good morning, it's 5:00, i'm chris mckinnon. >> and i'm kathryn hauser, great to have you, we get a check of your forecast, danielle, not that bad.
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how i got this cold. [ laughter ] >> got the sanitizer, makes me feel safe. >> it's that time of year, that time of the year, that's all i could say about that, we're talking about temperatures that aren't that bad, you're absolutely right, you guys, temperatures in the mid to upper 30s could certainly be a whole lot colder, 38 boston, mid to upper 30s for most of us, around 40 down to province town and we will be dry today, so no issues with any wet weather but there are some clouds a deck of clouds that may be a little bit stubborn to break apart today. so i do think we see some peaks of sunshine but overall the clouds went out, 35 for rush hour, sunrise at 7:01, breaks of sun possible 44, pretty average for this time of year, through your lunch hour, the wind not south today. mainly cloudy, no weather issues for your ride home, 41 degrees 4:11. tracking a big warm up and
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that, on the roads, traffic and weather together, robi. >> hi, light as we go out this morning, north with a live look over the bridge 93, moderate volume coming over the city, no reported slow downs, a south map, a bunch of things coming up, the only problem we're seeing, 95 northbound, looks like [ indiscernible ] up to 28, that work crew, but this will be hopefully taken so. right now police searching for a spekd suspect in a violent home invasion in quincy, a pregnant woman tied up and held at gunpoint, her daughter being credited with saving her. >> one man under arrest and heading to court this morning, nicole jacobs is live for us in quincy with the latest, this is a frightening story, nicole. >> reporter: very frightening, kathryn and police do not
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random, i can tell you the father though, says he'd like to know exactly who's responsible for kicking in his door, one man we know has been arrested, the other still on the loose. along president's lane in quincy, a 16-year-old's fear. >> she's hiding where are you? >> in my room. >> reporter: tying her mom to a chair after their backdoor ransacked. >> two or three. >> reporter: for 10 minutes, allan says the two man inside his home searching for what, he does not know, quintsi bakery owner says his daughter's actions may have saved their lives. >> she's 16, closed herself called 911 and the cops just came very fast. >> reporter: giving them a chance to arrest one of the men, 22-year-old kevin murphy from revere and a short time later a canine discovered this handgun,
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teenager and her mother still understandably shaken. >> she's very scary, crying a lot, so i you know, i try calm her down. >> reporter: police are still searching for that second suspect, the description is quite vague. the victims say he was wearing a puffy coat and a mask, but i can tell you for the one suspect in custody, he's arraigned in a quincy court, live in quincy, nicole jacobs, wbz "this morning ". >> all right, nicole thank you very much. 5:04, a much clearer picture of how nearly 80 boston college students got sick after eating at a local chipotle, now blaming the norovirus and it may have started with one sick worker. susie steimle is live for us, and several violations at that restaurant. >> reporter: they did, kathryn, at least three on monday
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handle food, now this chipotle restaurant is working to reopen as boston college students prepare for finals while sick. a long night for employees at this chipotle in cleveland circle, scrubbing each and every surface after the health commission confirmed boston college students came down with norovirus linked with this location. >> a buzz on campus. >> reporter: as this semester comes to a close, some sick students prepare for finals week. >> a lot of professors though have, are acknowledging that it might be an issue and that they're willing to reschedule. >> reporter: as many as 80 were infected including tim fox. >> severe stomach pain, shar pain, vomiting. >> reporter: as the chain faces national backlash for e. coli outbreaks in nine states, the boston college incident is not related. >> before we allow them to open up again, they'll have an it full clean bill of health.
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inspector chris smith says he'll be watching the restaurant closely and this incident isn't being taken lightly. >> temperature control issues with food, it's someone reporting to work who was ill. >> reporter: that same boston inspectional services commissioner tells us he does believe that the norovirus was contained through this specific location in cleveland circle, not increasing inspections at other restaurants around the city. we're live in cleveland circle, susie steimle, wbz "this morning ". >> susie, thank you very much. 5:06, drudge -- donald trump's lead in new hampshire is growing, chris christie now in third place, criticizing the plan to ban muslims from entering the united states during campaign stops in new hampshire last night, both jeb bush and hillary clinton pounced on trump's comments, here's bree
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>> they're saying he's not a serious presidential candidate, trump ignoring all calls to retract his statements. >> somebody in this country has to say what's right, it's short-term, let our country get its act together. >> trump unveiled his plan monday night and has since doubled down on that position, he did clarify though that he would allow foreign leaders who were muslims to visit the u.s., legal scholars say his proposal would violate international treaties. other presidential counties want to dismiss his idea or donald trump or the gop all together. >> we're going to create multigenerational problems for europe in the united states unless we deal with this there. which means we also have to create safe zones. that may not sound like a big deal, but if you want to deal with the refugee problem, let them stay safely in syria. that is the best way to deal with this. >> they are all driving the
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want to advance. that we are at war, not with barbarous violent murderers, but with an entire religion. >> trudge -- trump is set to return to new hampshire tomorrow. congress making it tougher for people to enter the united states, the house passed a bill yesterday requiring visas for anyone who's been in iraq or syria in the past five years, all nine massachusetts representatives voted in favor of the measure. in other news this morning, we're learning more about how the san bernardino killers could have funded their weapons arsenal and deadly shooting spree, cbs news reports syed farook got a $28,000 loan from an online lender just a few weeks before the attack. investigators are continuing to part of the investigation. a group of police officers who rushed in after the terror
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and for the first time we're hearing at least one child witnessed the deadly shooting that killed 14 people, one police officer described how he worked to keep that boy calm. >> there was a female there, with a small child, 8-year-old little boy, that was just terrified. just shivering almost. to the point like, shaking like a leaf. and i said what i said. i meant what i said, i said for them to just kind of calm down and relax that we were going to do everything we can to get them out of there safely. >> the center where the attack took place won't reopen until at least next month. breaking news out of paris this morning, the third attacker at the bataclan concert hall has just been identified, british newspapers say he's a 23-year-old from the eastern city of strasburg who left for syria in 2013, all the attackers identified so far were either french or belgian, all french natives, kind of native french
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concert hall the deadliest location of the november 13 terror attacks. the jury in philip chism's murder trial could start deliberating by the end of this week, his hauiers resting the case yesterday, admitting he killed colleen ritzer two years ago but they argued he insane at the time, a rebuttal witness illness. defense attorneys and prosecutors in aaron hernandez's double murder trial want more time, they're asking the judge to postpone the trial which is supposed to start next month. hernandez is charged with killing furtado and abreu in 2012, he's already serving a life sentence for the murder of lloyd. 5:10 right now a 25-year-old dorchester woman in custody and charged with murdering her boyfriend, police say valerie perez attacked the man monday night, stabbing him on nightingale street, just after midnight. perez is being held without bail.
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light extension could be decided soon, the nbta's fiscal management control board expected to discuss possible options at its meeting today. earlier this year, the nbta revealed the actual price tag for the extension in to somerville and medford could be up as a $1 billion with estimates, not scrapping the project all together. the pats take a practice and a member of the team from wbz gets in on the action. temperatures coming in the 40s, pretty normal for this time of year, a lot of clouds around but we see dry today, i am tracking a couple showers for tomorrow, the hour by hour time line is up next, stay with us. tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue
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cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. an uncommon sight on boston commons, someone decided to donate warm clothes for those in need by hanging the clothing on trees and statues and there was a sign that went along with it letting people know it's okay to take them. >> the city parks department tells us they don't have a problem with it so long as no damage is done. >> i like that. it's a nice thing to do; right? >> yeah, especially this time of year when it starts getting cold, you see people out there that are in need of the warm coats and what not >> exactly. >> good deeds. >> good thing to do. all right, danielle, we got the bus stop forecast going on, how are the kids supposed to dress today?
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year, don't you think? that's my gentle suggestion this time of year with temperatures in the 30s, that includes the second graders that eric was able to visit in medford, they were very curious, had a ton of issues about the weather, fantastic to see the energy, eric had a blast with you and yes, i would wear the winter coat out the door but it won't be too bad by later on this afternoon, temperatures in the 30s right now this morning, going to rise in the 40s by later on today with breaks of of sunshine today, temperature 45 by the end of school for many of us, sunrise by the way at 7:01, 38 degrees in boston, doesn't matter where you go, uniformly in the 30s because of a deck of clouds moved in overnight, no precipitation here on the radar to worry about, the only thing i think we'll contend with today is stubborn clouds, they'll break apart for peeks of sunshine here or there, overall the clouds went out during the day today.
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great lakes bringing rain showers back up through the upper peninsula of michigan this morning. and eventually we may get a couple showers that come in to play for us but not until tomorrow morning, weak area of high pressure, the stubborn clouds, may be a sprinkle late this evening and overnight tonight, stop things at 8:30, couple of showers generally light, not a big deal tomorrow morning for your commute, more of a nuisance than anything, but just be aware there will be scattered showers around, tomorrow afternoon, the sun breaks out, and temperatures come in to the 50s, so a warming trend starts tomorrow, 55 for a lot of spots in to the 50s we go again on friday with a cold front coming in, but it doesn't really cool us off behind it, the air is going to stay mild as we head in to the upcoming weekend too. so highs today, not as cool as yesterday, we bump it up by a couple degrees, 44 yesterday, 46 today. and most of us come in to the mid and upper 40s, keep in mind
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around 44 degrees, a little bit above average for the day today, overnight tonight, mainly cloudy, couple of shower or sprinkles that develop over the overnight period, 42 in boston, some of the economical -- chilliest suburbs, and 50s for high temperatures 10 or more above the average, we don't quite make it to 60 but a few communities may come close to the 60 degree mark and look at this for the end of the week and the weekend, clouds arnq at -- around at times but a blend of sun and clouds, 55 to 60 degrees if we get more breaks of sunshine in the 60s on sunday and monday but the next chance of rain on monday, steadiest monday afternoon and evening traffic and weather, robi? i don't want to jinx us but a great run of morning commute weather, no big problems. >> no huge ones and even the showers tomorrow, more like a nuisance, light shower. problem. all right, still looking
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that's going to change in the next 15 minutes or so, live over the expressway, very heavy volume, brain tree over boston, no expected slow downs, the major routes are trouble free, quick check of the north map, 93 southbound getting busy in andover and medford stretches moving along, peabody route three, 495 look like speed limit rides. 5:18, the pats taking a little time to get in the holiday spirit. >> and as our steve burton shows us, he got a close look how. >> good morning, the patriots back on the practice field gearing up for sunday night's showdown in houston, yesterday was a day off but a bunch of teams took place in the holiday party for kids at gillette stadium, stork and cannon volunteered to get wrapped up like a christmas tree, along with yours truly. marcus, can you see or -- >> can you see? >> yeah, i could. >> i know! >> reporter: tell me how
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>> very special, i get to hang out with all these guys, so am i, guys, say hello. >> reporter: what's your favorite christmas dinner? >> probably a good prime rib. >> reporter: what do you want for christmas? >> um, i think an electric guitar. >> reporter: you play the guitar? >> no, why not? [ laughter ] >> reporter: how about another super bowl ring? why not the. by the way, i was spoed to be -- supposed to be decorated, just kind of happened that way, braiden were also on hand signing autographs and taking pics with more than 250 kids in need from the salvation army and community centers throughout new england, the players also played games and sang carols, being put on by graf. >> we forget how lucky we have it and seeing these young people and what the salvation army does is really terrific.
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>> it's amazing, man, just going around here, signing autographs, handing out food, man, seeing the joy on these kids' faces, literally priceless and i know i'm blessed to be able to do this. >> coming in the locker room, you see these kids, seeing that face and smile on their faces, we bring it to them, it's great for everybody. >> good for the patriots the way they give back. and both the bruins and celtics in action, the bruins north of the border taking on montreal and the celtics host the chicago bulls at the garden. that's sports for now, i'm steve burton, over to you. >> i think steve might have been the best dressed christmas tree. >> good holiday tree. [ laughter ] 5:20 right now, coming up next, the season of giving but maybe less so here in the bay state. >> the new survey ranking massachusetts as one of the least charitable states in the country. >> plus, adapting tech innovations for mental health needs, the new england companies using your face as a window to
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[barks] are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way!
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i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep! welcome back, 5:23 right now, proctors for new mental health treatments can be slow but in the boston area, the ideas never stop. >> a local entrepreneur using technology to help, bree now here with a closer look at today's matters of the mind series, good morning, bree. >> good morning, guys, sometimes it's hard to articulate how we feel but more often than not your face says it all.
5:22 am
your life that could seamlessly tell the people you care about how you're feeling without the awkwardness of having to find the right word? a new england scientists is making big noise with a quiet technology. >> and it looks like changes of texture and color and shape on your face. >> reporter: el kaliubo walked me through with the coding, raeq emotion is an idea that came to england. >> it was frustrating actually because this technology that you were really intimate with had absolutely no clue how you were feeling. >> reporter: fast forward 10 years and her company affect tiva boasts the most accurate system, it it's a marketer's dream but she says there's enormous implications for mental health changes. >> it can say you know what, you're deviating from your normal here, something's off and with that data, it could either tell you something is off, flag it to a friend or a doctor. >> reporter: on the ted stage,
5:23 am
sees as the many potential benefits of emotional enabled devices. >> if your wristwatch tracks your mood or your car senses that you're tired or perhaps your fridge knows that you're stressed, so it locks to prevent -- [ laughter ] from binge eating! >> reporter: and the technology is already being put to use in smartphone apps and autism devices. to the folks who worry more technology can only be bad, she says this: >> these devices are going to be there, let's find a way where they can acknowledge how we naturally connect and communicate with one another, with emotions and thu emotions. >> reporter: this technology can be used for so much more, empathy training for doctors or perhaps a robot stuffed animal that tracked stress in kids or studies to look at more accurate side effects. chris and kathryn, innovations like hers are happening all over new england. >> i want to try it. wow cool.
5:24 am
a new survey bringing the country. >> wallet hub looked at how much people gave to charity and we're ranked pretty low, massachusetts came at 40, utah, maryland and idaho topped the list, new hampshire came in at 29 and rhode island is dead last. >> interesting. >> that is interesting, hmm. >> get out there and volunteer; right? backlash on the campaign trial. >> how candidates are looking at donald trump's backlash on muslim. >> they say he's looking like an online comment thread, what that means and why it's troubling
5:25 am
right now at 5:30, the search for a second suspect that
5:26 am
woman, how her daughter saved her. >> and dozen of boston college students who ate a chipotle and got sick. and responding to donald trump's plan to ban muslims, why jon keller is comparing trump to an online post. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz "this morning". good morning, it is 5:30 right now, welcome back, i'm kathryn hauser. >> and i'm chris mckinnon, thanks for joining us, wednesday december 9, feels seasonable out there. >> yeah, pretty normal, we're in the 30s, not too bad, it could certainly be worse this time of year >> yes, it could. >> just a milder december. >> it has been six degrees, i think officially above average, so we've only had one cooler than normal day, you guys, look at the boston common, don't you love this shot? oh, all the holiday decorations and the lights are up, that's a great shot there. and we're talking about
5:27 am
this afternoon, temperature right now in boston is 38 degrees mid to upper 30s for most of us, we're preuniform as you're stepping out this morning, 34 in worcester and orange and keene, upper 30s on the cape, well, pretty uniform because we've had a deck of clouds that has moved in. and we will be dry today, but i do think the clouds are going to be a little bit stubborn, so don't expect a lot of sunshine, some breaks or peeks of blue sky may come out this afternoon, sunrise coming up at 7:01 this morning, the wind pretty light start to turn in from the south, pretty light through the afternoon, as well, about two to eight miles per hour, breaks of sun, 44 degrees that's on par for where we should be this time of year, mainly cloudy still for your ride home but no weather related issues, low 40s with the sunset at 4:11, couple showers for tomorrow morning, details on that coming up, let's get you on the road, traffic and weather together, robi. first back up coming from the north, usually it's from
5:28 am
downs on 93 southbound andover between 495 and 133, usually you don't see back ups there until later in the morning. checking the ride from the south the live look over the expressway, moderate to heavy rain, it's moving along, 129 southbound, now bumper to budge -- bumper in the braintree split, 24 north. 5:32 checking top stories one suspect under arrest another on the run after a violent home invasion in quincy a pregnant woman tied up inside her home, her teenaged daughter hid and called 911 the mother and daughter not hurt. police say they located the gun near the scene the revere man that was arrested as well will be in court this morning. again that suspect suspect. boston health officials say norovirus is behind the outbreak in chipotle, sickening 80
5:29 am
several violations at the restaurant, including allowing a sick employee to work last week. location is being sanitized now, unclear when it will reopen. colleagues voters and political observers all over the country are agreeing on one thing: presidential hopeful donald trump has gone too far. all of the other republican candidates have criticized trump's idea to block all muslims from entering the united states. so have democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders. now, trump's comments sparked a big debate on social media and not all the posts are civil. >> this morning our jon keller takes a closer look at how a lot of trump's comments are similar to what you might see online. >> good morning. there was a common theme on twitter as the sheer bigotry of donald trump's call for a ban on all muslim travel in to america sank in. trump people wrote was a youtube comment section running for president. if you're online at all, you know what they mean.
5:30 am
vulgar comments at the bottom of a newspaper article. read the trash that some people write on each other's facebook pages. a listener wrote me yesterday saying this should help us here. quote trump's comments are tame compared to the incivility and wrote. i'm sure you have seen even more extreme views. there are people whose entire world view is shaped by what they read on social media and trump is tapping in to that phenomena. end quote. well, i couldn't agree more. this has been building for years as false rumors spread online and when they're debunked by fact checkers, it's the fact checkers reviled and dismissed, not the rumor mongers. even as more real vetted information is more readily available than ever before, our lazy narcissistic culture can't be bothered to double check facts and challenge assumptions.
5:31 am
the lava flow of falsehood that nurts -- nurtures your own biases and wash over you until every shred of critical thinking is shoved to death. if you're watching this, chances are you're not part of the problem, you're seeking out news and opinion that might be more than a cheap affirmation fix. and you're making a tough choice. after all, acquiring knowledge takes work, it's ignorance that's bliss. your civil feedback is welcome, e-mail me at or reach out via twitter at @kelleratlarge. it is 5:35 right now, red line service is back on schedule after a train hit a man at the broadway station, the victim is in the hospital with serious injuries, the red line was shut down near the accident site and passengers were put on buses, investigators still don't know how the man ended up on the tracks. this morning, swampscott high school's principal won't be outside to greet students as
5:32 am
want to know why, according to the globe, edward rozmiarek has been placed on administrative leave, the school department not giving information only that it's a personnel matter. 5:36 now, a late tribute to may ra craft on a new foot bridge in worcester, she was a native of worcester, the bridge designed by students at tech and worcester high school. still ahead, ranking the best places to work in the country. plus, attracting younger workers, the new perks some company are offering to new hires. we're learning more about what made 80 people sick after eating at a local chipotle, why a worker might be to blame, coming up. and good morning everybody, checking in with our weather watchers this morning, temperatures running in the 30s, doesn't really matter where you go, pretty uniform because we have a deck of clouds out there
5:33 am
today, 34 worcester says kathy, kelly in [ indiscernible ] we appreciate them, if you want to join in on the action, easy
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some new options if you're in the markets for an ugly christmas sweater. >> plus the new perks some companies are offering, jill wagner live for us at the new york stock exchange with today's money watch, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn, there is a new perk at companies trying to
5:36 am
help paying off college loans, 3% of companies now offering the benefit, the list is growing as there's more competition to get the best, college debt now soared what it is in 2007. meanwhile, best places to work, chosen by the workers, airbnb took the number one spot for the first time ever overtaking google which fell from number one to number eight, there's some newcomers on the list this year, delta, red bull, and expedia, now bane company in boston, that came at number two, workers can have a good work life balance, some say even a fun place to work. if you have nothing to wear to your next holiday ugly sweater party, many of 2016's presidential candidates want to help. they're hoping you'll be donning their faces all night, hillary clinton, ted cruz and ben carson have all rolled out ugly sweaters for the season, the
5:37 am
the candidates know that's out there? [ laughter ] >> i'm thinking, you made a really interesting observation earlier, we've come a long way from bumper stickers, in terms of candidates and getting their message out there. >> that we have, there's the ugly christmas sweater. >> yeah, okay, cool, thank you very much, jill we'll see you tomorrow morning. coming up a check of your traffic and weather together and a look at your top stories. >> and michael vick at the center of a new controversy, the bill he's supporting in pennsylvania that's getting a lot of attention. a quincy mother tied to a chair during a home invasion, what her 16-year-old daughter did that may have saved her life. you've seen santa claus's face on plenty of billboards, but did any of them make you angry? some people are upset about st. nick's image to sell gun and denounce religion. what do you think? naughty or nice? let us know, it's our daily
5:38 am
some might say move over, r taking over. >> they've developed something for kids. or i'll -- >> huff! down! kind of scary! the robot is in development at
5:39 am
expressive in thought and language, gives off nonverbal cues and kids can engage in it, the national stilt -- institute of health looking at how it can inspire and teach kids. >> okay. >> it was scary with the huff and the puff. >> can he read a nicer story, maybe? [ laughter ] >> maybe, she was in to it though. we need to get a check of your forecast, danielle how's it going? >> the weather's pretty good today, that's good news, maybe stubborn clouds this afternoon, but it's going to be a dry day, not too bad stepping out the door this morning, we know it can certainly be a whole lot colder this time of the year, generally running in the 30s, doesn't matter whether from southern maine, portland sitting at 32 to providence at 37, 39 chatham, pretty uniform because we've had a deck of clouds, no wet weather to worry about today, these clouds may tend to
5:40 am
to peeks of sunshine, overall the clouds win, keep that in mind, a couple showers, bless you, chris as we head in to tomorrow morning, low pressure departing high pressure a weak area building in. as we head in to overnight tonight, there may be a sprinkle or two, tomorrow morning, i think it's more of a nuisance than i think a couple of rain showers around for the morning commute, these will push off shore by late morning, sun breaks out we go in the mid 50s tomorrow afternoon. so mild end to the week, friday we'll see morning clouds and then breaks of sunshine we go 55 to 60 on friday, and then a cold front comes in but behind it, we still get in to milder air, this weekend is looking fantastic, with the blend of sun and clouds i think there will be more clouds on sunday but the mild air is going to win out both afternoons. saturday and on sunday. temperatures today a little bit above the average for this time of year, we should be in the mid 40s, 43 in boston, 46 will do it
5:41 am
upper 40s from keene to jeffrey in pittsburgh, despite that manage 50 from plymouth to taunton, couple showers through midnight, generally height, overnight lows through 40, some of the coolest suburbs in the upper 30s, tomorrow, keep that umbrella down in the morning, a stray shower or two in the morning commute and mild temperatures in the mid 50s tomorrow, despite some of the clouds in the morning, 56 on friday, a mild end to the week, partly sunny, 57 on saturday, i do think there will be more clouds on sunday, if we get more peeks of sunshine, i think we go in to the 60s on sunday afternoon, next round of rain comes in on monday and the steadiest rain will be late in the day, want to remind you guy, our wbz eye on winter preview air this saturday at 7:30 p.m. we're going to to tell you how to save money this winter, training tips for the boston
5:42 am
you've never seen before and our prediction for how much snow will fall, traffic and weather together, you know that's what everybody wants to know, robi. >> set the dvr right now. in devin, another crash, this one south of town, down in rainham, 24 northbound just before route 44, the left lane is blocked, stop and go back up is to route 140. also to the south seeing some other slow downs, 128 southbound jammed between 37 and the split, the expressway hangs at between granite avenue and the upon ponzit, from brockton up to 28. 5:48 right now an update on what made 80 people sick after eating at a local chipotle. >> plus the manhunt after a violent home invasion in quincy, these are your top stories, this wednesday morning. >> reporter: i'm nicole jacobs live in quincy where police say
5:43 am
home and tied up a mother six months pregnant, it was her 16-year-old daughter who ultimately contacted police, calling 911, authorities were able to track down one of the suspects, 22-year-old kevin murphy from revere, also found a handgun not far from the scene, at this point, quincy police do not believe it was random, coming up at 6:00, hear from the father, the terrifying call from the 16-year-old, nicole jacobs wbz "this morning". a hartford man accused of taking bones from a worcester cemetery being held on $100,000 bail, 32-year-old amador medina went before a judge in worcester yesterday, the remains of three adults and two children were taken from a mausoleum at the hope cemetery, police say medina admitted to hiring someone to steal the remain to use in a santeria religious ceremony. tore down the home where four people were killed last
5:44 am
picking through what's left of this house, the cause of the fire is under investigation, the fire marshal wants anyone with to contact them. good morning, i'm susie steimle live in cleveland circle where we're now learning more about the cleveland circle chipotle that closed down where nearly 80 people got sick from eating here over the weekend, the chain says they believe it was norovirus that got these people sick, they were three health code violations documented here on monday, one sick handling food. we'll tell you what this restaurant has to do to reopen, coming up at 6:00. live in cleveland circle, susie steimle, wbz "this morning". donald trump says the u.s. needs to get its act together country. he didn't retract his proposal to ban muslims but said he would allow foreign muslim leaders to
5:45 am
new hampshire last night, jeb bush and hillary clinton both dismissed trump as not a serious candidate. coming up at 6:00 a.m., the next visit to the granite state. more trouble for the chicago police department, newly released video shows officers tasing a man in custody, that man later died, the video shows officer crowding around him before one uses a stun gun on him, video from another camera shows him apparently unconscious being dragged, the incident and the man's family filing a civil suit. and michael vick might not be the first one you think of as a defender of animals but he spent yesterday at penn state capitol lobbying to help prevent and -- cats and dogs from being left in hot cars, leaving them free from liability if people trap them when they're in cars. few weeks ago from christmas, we're seeing santa's face just about everywhere.
5:46 am
starts popping up about this time but some people not too jolly about how he's being portrayed. >> pro gun and antireligion, those are the billboards with santa's face on them, not exactly christmassy, while many find the board amusing, an ar 15, you never know who's coming down your chimney. it's an ad for an indoor gun training center in chico, california, the begun -- gun range owner says it's great for business, in the wake of the san bernardino shooting, some might question the tiling of that. the other one in colorado, that one says go ahead and just skip church. be good for goodness' sakes, happy holidays, that paid for by the group american atheists, despite calls to take it down, the group plan to tick it through the end of the month, we
5:47 am
think his image is being misused take a look, steve on facebook says lock up the reindeer and tickets to sleigh it's a lost cause when santa behave badly. and this from our website,, quote, gun nuts using christmas to sell guns, how christian of them. the war on christmas just got more literal. number of ways to comment our website, twitter or facebook, love to hear from you, more coming up at 6:00. chris and kathryn? >> robi, thank you very much. 5:53, still to come, much more valuable than just some spare change. >> the diamond ring dropped in to a local salvation army bucket
5:48 am
catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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welcome back, 5:56 right now, a true sign of the generosity that accompanies the season. >> a diamond ring and wedding band in the salvation army kettle outside the market basket in bill rica, the engagement ring appraised at $3,500, the salvation army auctioning it off on saturday to raise money. >> we're going to help over 600 family with food, the children in those families will fwet toys and clothing, just to make the holiday time special.
5:50 am
more news in ked kettles all over the boston area. >> yeah, i feel like the jewelry thing say new trend, maybe it's always been around. keep it here on wbz "this morning", your top stories straight ahead, stay with us.
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